We value learning about the history and theology of the Christian church, and as part of our discipleship offer an annual conference each year at WTBC.



July 2016
Celebrating the English Reformer, Thomas Cranmer, as well as J. C. Ryle, author of "Holiness," by Lee Gatiss of Church Society in England. 

April 2016
Karen Swallow Prior, Professor of English at Liberty University, spoke on Hannah More, the subject of her recent book. Hanna More was important as a Christian author and abolitionist in William Wilberforce's circle. This talk was hosted by the Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies. You can listen to Karen Prior's Talk Here.

January 2016
The Davenant Trust's Regional Convivium (1/7-8, 2016), held at West Toronto Baptist Church. This collection of talks includes: Dr. Craig Carter, "Why Yoder Was Wrong”Dr. Brad Littlejohn, "Why Hooker Was Right: Trumpism, Radicalism, and the Need for Discrimination" Andrew Fulford, "Finding First Principles: Jesus, Ethics, and Natural Law" Dr. Michael J. Plato, "Why Posthumanism is Right and Wrong”.  Summary of the event can be found here and the MP3's can be purchased from

November 2014
Our first annual conference was held in November 2014 to celebrate the four hundredth anniversary of the birth of George Whitefield, the great evangelist of the Great Awakening. Our special speaker was Dr. Michael Haykin of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.